Where to Eat & Stay in Quebec City

Where to Eat & Stay in Quebec City

I can’t believe labor day weekend was already almost a month ago, which is CRAZY this year is flying by!! But nonetheless, I wanted to share with you a little get away I took the end off the summer. With the extra day off, my mom, sister and I decided to take a girls trip Quebec City. For our last girls trip we went to Chicago and when we were brainstorming this year’s trip, a few things led us to Quebec. First, the Canadian dollar would make a trip to the US super  expensive, two we never explore what our beautiful country has to offer enough and three we had some old friends to connect with!

Our friends were awesome tour guides and made some great recommendations for our quick getaway. If you saw my Instagram feed you got a taste of some of the cuisine we tried.

Now I am sharing all the details with you so you know exactly where to eat and stay if you are thinking of a getaway to Quebec City!

Since we were only going Friday – Sunday we decided to fly with porter airlines to save time driving or taking the train. If you subscribe to their emails you get sales almost weekly so prices are decent. We left around 4 on Friday and since the flight is only about an hour and a half we were able to have a full night upon arrival.

Where to stay in Quebec?

While the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac is a historical and beautiful hotel in Quebec, it can rack up a hefty bill for rooms that aren’t all that big. So we asked our friends for other recommendations and we ended up staying in a super trendy loft called Les Lofts St-Joseph in downtown Quebec. The lofts were so chic and spacious we had a full kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms a living room and laundry machines!

hotel accomodation quebec

The process for checking in and out was super easy as well. Upon booking you get a code to enter the building and a code for the loft you are staying in – and that’s it! We were in love with our little home-away-from-home and the location was great. It was on a street with tons of little coffee shops, bakeries, boutique stores and restaurants…which I’ll get to next! Bottom line, I would definitely stay here again!

Where to brunch in Quebec?

To start I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed every meal on this trip. Sometimes when travelling you don’t always luck out. Even with recommendations, someone could have a different taste then you but EVERYWHERE we ate left us wanting more! So let me tell you about two fabulous brunch spots in Quebec. First we went to Ciel which is a restaurant in a revolving tower (similar to the CN tower). You can enjoy brunch while getting a view of the entire city including Old Quebec which we were going to explore later that day.


I enjoyed a ricotta bell pepper omelette served with a side green salad, prosciutto, home fries and a classic baguette! And of course a tasty mimosa to wash it all down. The Deconstructed Eggs Benedict served with smoked salmon and Club Sandwich Salad were also devoured at my table and looked great as well.

The other brunch spot we tried out was called Le Cercle. This restaurant we happen to just come across – we were super hungry and willing to eat anywhere but glad we ended up finding yet another gem! I scarfed down delicious smoked salmon served on pumpernickel toast. My sister tried out the eggs benedict and my mom had blood sausage, a well known dish in Quebec.

where to brunch in quebec


Where to eat dinner in Quebec?

Our first dinner was another recommendation from our friends and boy was it a GOOD recommendation. It was a quaint little restaurant called Le Clocher Penche which was about a 10 minute walk from our hotel. Our waitress was very knowledgable on all of the food and wine and had some great suggestions on what to chow down on.


For appetizers we enjoyed salmon tartare and smoked trout – HOLY YUM!! They use a hemp oil to finish a lot of their dishes which provides amazing flavor and color.

For the entrees we enjoyed a fall-off-the-bone osso buco served with mussels and a variety of vegetables on a bed of polenta. We also shared the heavenly cod that was also served with a beautiful selection of vegetables and topped with hemp oil. It was a truly exceptional meal.

top dinner spot downtown quebec

Be sure to make reservations if you want to try this place out because it is definitely a hot spot for dinner and brunch!

Our second dinner was at another fabulous restaurant located in the train station called the Aviatic Club. It also happens to be a Caberet so you can enjoy live performances as you dine. This menu also had a fabulous food selection to choose from.

To start we enjoyed a lovely charcuterie board and the tuna tataki  – both fab choices.

where to eat and stay in quebec

For the mains, I went with the Spanish Octopus dish served with pork belly, kimchee, shitaki mushrooms and sweet potato puree. Such an unexpected yet delicious combination of seafood and meat. My sister enjoyed the cod served with veggies and topped with a lime infused foam. One of our friends also enjoyed crab and shrimp ravioli which looked and smelled excellent!

where to eat dinner quebec

Overall a totally different experience from the night before but food absolutely on point.

Must visit: Marche Du Vieux Port

I am a huge fan of farmers markets or anything along those lines. I love discovering unique foods and its always great to support local. I was so happy when we accidentally stumbled across this market in Quebec! We happened to be walking along the port when I spotted the hustle and bustle of the market near the water. There were local vendors selling everything from maple syrup to fresh fruit to seafood, meats, desserts and more! I think my favorite part was seeing the beautifully displayed fruits and vegetables – I could of bought everything!

farmer market quebec

It’s always great to find local gems so you can truly get a taste of the culture. I think that is what I enjoyed most about the trip. The location of our hotel wasn’t in the really touristy area of Old Quebec so we got a a true sense of culture.

If you are looking for a mini getaway I would highly recommend going to Quebec and hopefully you have some inspiration of where to eat and stay when you are there!

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