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Top Picks From The New Michael-Angelos in Aurora

michael-angelo's aurora grand opening

Okay you know you are a foodie when a new grocery store opens in your hometown and you make three trips there in one weekend! I currently live in Toronto but I grew up in Aurora and my parents still live there so I go home quite a bit. I was so excited when my mom called me this week to tell me the new grocery store Michael-Angelos was finally open! Grocery shopping is half the fun of cooking (at least for me anyways) so I couldn’t wait to get back to Aurora to try it.

Walking into the beautiful store, I was in absolute food heaven! It has a very upscale, European feel to it, but the prices match other stores in town. While they’ve been open for a couple weeks, the grand opening is actually today! So in honor of that I thought I would share highlights of the store and some of my top purchases so far!

Wonderfully Fresh Produce

michael-angelo's aurora grand opening

They have a fresh selection of fruits and vegetables and I noticed a lot of it is sourced locally from Ontario which is something I appreciate! In addition to having all your basic produce items they have some unique products as well like these Pink Snap Peas. I’ve never seen these before but I love the color! I’ll be sure to share with you what I make with them.

michael-angelo's aurora grand opening

Now onto the meat.

michael-angelo's aurora grand opening

They have an impressive selection of meat and fish available, that is beautifully displayed might I add ( I wanted to try everything!). Something that definitely stood out to me was their Certified Angus Beef or Canada AAA Beef aged 30, 45 or 60 days…. which I grilled for dinner on Friday and Sunday!

michael-angelo's aurora grand opening

This was definitely one of the best steaks I’ve made all summer and requires minimal seasoning because the meat is SO GOOD. Just a little olive oil, salt pepper and a pinch of David’s Special Steak Rub.

They also have ready-to-grill burgers made with either beef or chicken. Now, you know I love making my own burgers, but I couldn’t pass these up! They were freshly prepared and have all of the ingredients listed on the package.

michael-angelo's aurora grand opening

Can you say YUM!

For quick lunches or dinners they also have a delicious selection of hot foods made in house at their Chef Stations. The salad bar also has a selection of pre-made salads or you can build your own using fresh ingredients.

michael-angelo's aurora grand opening  michael-angelo's grand opening aurora

I picked up some Shanghai noodles and a green pea, mushroom mixture as sides.

Am I forgetting anything? Ahhhh yes for all the gelato lovers out there, Michael – Angelo’s has an in-house gelato bar! Grocery shopping + gelatos? Can’t get much better than that! I opted for grabbing a container to go because I went right before making dinner so I enjoyed some Tiramisu gelato at home for dessert – SO NOMS!

michael-angelo's aurora grand opening

So there you have it, just some of the many highlights of Aurora’s newest grocery store. I am already excited to go back to find more favorites! Stay tuned for my recipe creations using ingredients from them.

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