Shishito Peppers on the Grill

Shishito Peppers on the Grill

I think I may of found my favorite snack of the summer. Shishito peppers! They are quickly becoming the new cauliflower – making there way onto menus all over restaurants in Toronto. I made them for the first time this weekend for a girls getaway up north. Food is always a major priority for our girls weekends (as it should be). Usually our menu combines our go-to favorites (aka cheese ball) and trying out new recipes. This weekend we were eager to try shishito peppers on the BBQ. The recipe was super simple – and they were a huge hit. Find out how to make them below!

Shishito peppers are small, green finger length peppers. They are perfect for snacking on or to serve as a side dish. One in every ten peppers are apparently spicy – although I haven’t come across one yet. This recipe only calls for sea salt & oil but next time I want to try soya sauce or sesame oil. Here it is!

Ingredients for Shishito Peppers on the Grill

1 bunch of shishito peppers
course sea salt
olive oil

megscucina shishito peppers

How to make Shishito Peppers

I decided to make this batch on the grill (woohooo for bbq weather) but you can also make them on the stove. I will likely make a batch this week so I’ll keep you posted on how they turn out. Give the shishito peppers a good wash and then heat up the grill to medium. Pop them on the grill/bbq and turn every 3-4 minutes to char the peppers. We finished them off in a veggie tray on the grill so they wouldn’t completely burn. They will take about 10-15 minutes to cook. Once they are cooked toss them in olive oil & course sea salt. You can also drizzle lemon over top.

Serve immediately, you can eat them like chips, just pop them in your mouth like candy (minus the stem).

megscucina shishito peppers

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