My Cooking Class With a Chef from Rome

My Cooking Class With a Chef from Rome

I recently had the most amazing experience learning how to make traditional Italian recipes from a chef in Rome. The best part? It didn’t require any travel -although I wouldn’t mind a trip to Italy ;). So how did this happen? Thanks to the beautiful world of technology & a wonderful company called The Chef and the Dish, we were able to Skype Chef Daniela into our kitchen.

Anyone who knows me knows that Italian cuisine is close to my heart and the reason I became so passionate about cooking. It was always such a mystery to me how Italians could make something so simple SO delicious. Ever since I was little it has been a dream to learn such a skill. So you can imagine how happy I was to be learning from one of the best in the business.

We learned step by step how to make three classic Roman dishes. Chef Daniela explained that traditional dishes from this region are usually known as ‘poor man’ dishes because they are made with the very few ingredients they could afford or get ahold of way back when. BUT let me tell you, they may be known as ‘poor man dishes’ but they sure are rich in flavor! 

How does the Chef and the Dish work?

A few days before the class you’ll have a kitchen consultation with the Chef and the Dish so they can get acquainted with your cooking space, let you know of the best place to put the computer, discuss ingredients and tools.

During the lesson, Chef Daniela showed us exactly what to do in her kitchen and we would follow suit. She would even have us bring the camera up close to our dishes to make sure the technique was just right. It really is like having someone in your kitchen. I loved learning every little detail including plating techniques.

It was such a unique experience and so much fun I would highly recommend it to anyone whether you are a foodie or not. Enjoy more pics of what we made below – all recipes which I will 100% make again! 

So what is next on my list for cooking classes?

I would totally love to learn how to make sushi  from Chef Yoshimi. The Mosaic rolls look absolutely heavenly.

The Chef and the Dish also recently added a new Canadian cooking class. Nothing wrong with perfecting classic dishes from my homeland!

Until next time, I’ll keep drooling over these epic Roman dishes:

Cacio e Pepe

Saltimbocca alla Romana 

megs cucina classic roman dishes

Pasta all’Amatriciana

megs cucina classic roman dishes