Hello world! Looking for an easy breakfast recipe?

Hello world! Looking for an easy breakfast recipe?

Meg here, nice to meet you! I am super excited to share my adventures in the kitchen with you including my fave recipes, kitchen experiments and anything else that inspires my creations in the kitchen. I’ve loved cooking from a young age and have been eager to start a blog to share my creations with the world. So here it is!

easy breakfast

For my first post I thought I’d start with a recipe for one of my favourite meals of the day… BREAKFAST! It’s a super easy breakfast recipe but packs a punch with flavour.

Presenting my open-faced omelette.

This is perfect for a weekend brunch, especially if you are cooking for others. Not only does the open-faced omelette let your ingredients shine – it also makes for a solid presentation (AKA Instagram worthy!). The best part is you can completely customize the toppings according to what’s in your fridge – below i’ll give you some ideas for alternatives.

Here’s what you’ll need to recreate my version:

2 eggs (for 1 serving)
1/2 tomato diced
jalapeƱos (if you don’t like spice feel free to leave out)
1/4 white onion diced
handful of spinach
grass-fed butter ( I use Rolling Meadow)

how to make an omeletter

First you need to prep the toppings.

Heat up your frying pan, once it’s hot pop in a half tea spoon of grass fed butter (or olive oil). Add the diced onions and fry until translucent. Split the onions in half. Leave half in the frying pan and add spinach. Combine the other half with your diced tomatoes. Fry the spinach and onions until the spinach is wilted. Split your avocado in half and slice into long pieces.

Now that all of your toppings are ready you can make the omelette. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl. Use a fork or whisk to whisk your eggs until they reach a consistent yellow mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste!


Again, heat up your frying pan and add another half tea spoon of grass fed butter. Let it melt and then pour the egg mixture onto the pan. Keep a close eye as it won’t take long to cook! Flip after about 2-3 minutes. Let it sit for another minute and your omelette should be ready to go. When you flip make sure not to fold the omelette in half! But not to worry if you do, folded-open faced omelettes are a thing too! (Another reason it’s an easy breakfast recipe – mistakes are allowed:)

Now you are ready to plate. Simply place the omelette onto your plate and line up your ingredients in the pattern of your choice


Now remember this recipe is super flexible, check out this version I made with left over bbq’d veggies I had from dinner the night before! (and check out my work with a folded omelette)

easy breakfast recipe

What are your favourite omelette ingredients or go to easy breakfast recipe?

Until next time, happy cooking!


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