Healthy Lunch Bowls

Healthy Lunch Bowls

Who said lunch has to be a boring old salad or sandwich (certainly not me). Those who know me, know that food is always on my mind. I am always thinking about my next meal or my next next meal! So even though I’m at work for 5/7 lunches during the week doesn’t mean I am going to let it be a bore.

May I present, my super awesome, healthy AND flavourful – lunch bowls. Which are also perfectly suitable for dinner. What’s great about these healthy lunch bowls is that you can really throw whatever ingredients you want in them (great way to empty the fridge). I have two versions of this tasty lunch bowl, check out my first one below!

Option 1:

Remember my recipe for Asian Sesame Salmon? Well I had leftovers one night and was looking for a tasty way to have it for lunch. Er go, healthy lunch bowl with salmon.

Here is what you will need for one serving:

1 Asian Salmon Filet (Snag the recipe here)
1 large carrot shredded
1/4 cucumber sliced thinly
1/2 beet shredded
1/2 pack shirataki noodles
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
Sriracha for taste!

Side note on the noodles – I recently discovered these – they are made from Asian yam and are low carbs, low cal and gluten free). I’m not gluten-free but I enjoy the lighter option. It doesn’t leave you feeling bloated but you still get your noodle fix!



First, prep and make the Asian Sesame Salmon. While you are waiting you can prep your veggies. Shred the carrots, beets and chop up the cucumber really thin.

Next prep the noodles. They come in a bag in liquid (and NEED to be refrigerated) – don’t be weirded out I promise they are good! Cut open the bag drain in a strainer and make sure to rinse for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Fry up the noodles in a teaspoon of sesame oil for 3-4 minutes (this is just to heat them up). Once they are done sprinkle sesame seeds over top.

healthy lunch bowls

Now that all of your ingredients are prepped you are ready to make your bowl!

Lay your noodles at the bottom of a bowl. Next top with veggies in sections. Finally place your salmon on top. And of course drizzle on Sriracha to your liking (the first pic you can see mine tossed together (and maybe after a couple bites were taken!).

asian sesame salmon

Enjoy! Let me know what you like to put in your healthy lunch bowls below!


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