Friendsgiving with LCBO at Antler Kitchen Toronto

Friendsgiving with LCBO at Antler Kitchen Toronto

This week I was invited to attend an intimate, Friendsgiving dinner hosted by the LCBO at Antler Kitchen in Toronto. With thanksgiving (one of my favorite holidays) right around the corner it was the perfect time to be inspired by fresh, local cuisine perfectly paired with wines from within Ontario. This is the second event I have been to recently that has put an emphasis on eating local which is really great to see!

Check out my recap of the lovely evening below including the Ontario wines we had the chance to try that were paired with wonderful dishes prepared by Chef Michael Hunter!

The VQA wines:

LCBO taste local
Seriously Cool, Fancy Farm Girl Frivolous, Chateau Des Charmes Pinot Noir, River Road, Chateau Des Charmes Icewine

The Venue: Antler Kitchen, Canadian cuisine that highlights local seasonal and wild foods

If you haven’t tried out this restaurant, they are whipping up some serious delicious food in the kitchen. Not to mention a small, intimate setting – perfect for date night!

First course: Seriously Cool Wine + Charcuterie

LCBO taste local

I’ve actually tried the Seriously Cool wine before, I brought it to a dinner party because I was drawn to the fun label! It was great to see it at the event and I had the chance to sit beside Paul DeCampo from the winery and learn all about their products! Pinot Noir is often a go to for me and you can’t go wrong with this charcuterie spread! I mean common!

Second Course: Fancy Farm Girl Frivolous Wine + Locally Foraged Wild Mushroom Soup

LCBO taste local

Hands down the best mushroom soup I’ve ever had. It was made with hand picked mushrooms from the chef’s friend THAT DAY! Can you say fresh?! This was paired with a fruity white wine.

Third Course: Chateau Des Charmes Pinot Noir + Roast and Confit of Duck

LCBO taste local

Nothing says thanksgiving quite like a bird! In this case it was duck which is a first for me on this holiday. LCBO taste local

We had the chance to try this course with a Pinot Noir or a Cab Sauv.

Fourth Course: Chateau Des Charmes Vidal Icewine + Chocolate Mousse with salted Caramel & Wild Black Walnuts

LCBO taste local

This picture seriously doesn’t do this dessert justice. But the salted caramel that was paired with this mousse was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Thank you again to LCBO and Antler for hosting this wonderful friendsgiving feast. Hard not to enjoy with great wine, food and company!

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