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Easy Antipasto Skewers

Easy Antipasto Skewers

I first introduced you to mini versions of these delightful antipasto skewers around the holidays. Now they are making an appearance again for the summer! I recommend this easy appetizer for any kind of gathering you are hosting or attending this summer. Whether it is a family BBQ, weekend getaway at a cottage, picnic with friends or patio gathering, these will quickly become your go to. The long shish kabob stick makes them easy to eat for group gatherings Рno one likes awkwardly balancing their cold beer, food & napkin. Find out what you need to make these tasty morsels below.

The antipasto skewers can be prepped in advance, the only cooking required is to make the fresh pasta (which is only about 3-5 minutes in boiling water). I also recommend serving them with my homemade pesto recipe as a dip or drizzle the pesto over the skewers when ready to serve.

Ingredients for antipasto skewers:

You’ll need 1-2 of each ingredients listed per skewer so measure according to the number of skewers you want to make

fresh cheese tortellini pasta
mild or hot genoa salami
fresh basil
roasted red peppers
bocconcini cheese
artichoke hearts
green olives (pitted)
shish kabob skewers

megs cucina antipasto skewers

How to make antipasto skewers:

Cook the pasta according to instructions. Fresh pasta only takes about 3-5 minutes to cook in boiling water. Slice the roasted red peppers into small square chunks. Peel layers of artichoke hearts and use 2-3 layers per skewer. I like to cut the bocconcini balls in half to make the ingredient go further. Once all of your ingredients are prepped, lay them out on a cutting board and start skewering. You can layer them in any order – I usually decided on one type of pattern for visual consistency.

megs cucina antipasto skewers

Feel free to mix up the ingredients on the skewers, you can try different cheeses, salami, olives, etc. Enjoy!

megs cucina antipasto skewers

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