Better Breakfast Series

Better Breakfast Series

If you read my first blog you would know that breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day. I think it is something I inherited from my dad. There is nothing he loves more than a traditional English breaky (especially if it is made by me!). I’m not sure when my love affair with breakfast began but regardless I love it!

There’s just something that’s so satisfying about having a great breakfast. It certainly sets the tone for the rest of my day. Call me crazy but I seriously go to bed thinking of what I’ll wake up to eat the next day! Anyways, they always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I can’t be that crazy 😉

When I saw Women’s Health #betterbreakfast theme for the month of September I was inspired to share with you some of my favourite breakfasts!

Starting this week I’ll be sharing two breakfast recipes weekly throughout the month of September! Look out for my creations on Instagram (#breakfastwithmegs) & find the recipe here on my blog. Some are super easy for the weekday rush and some might take longer, save it for weekend brunch! BUT regardless I promise to keep you satisfied and get your day off to a great start with any of these recipes.

Let’s start with the classic Breakfast Sandwich

breakfast sandwich

I love making these breakfast sammies on the weekend but it is seriously easy enough to make during the week.

Ingredients for Breakfast Sandwich

1 egg
2 pieces of bacon
1 english muffin
handful of marble cheese (or any other cheese of choice)

breakfast sandwich

How to make the breakfast sandwich:

First fry up the bacon on medium-high heat. Should take a couple minutes per side depending on how crispy you like it. Set it aside on paper towel to get rid of grease and leave frying pan on.

I found the cutest little silicon egg ring to fry up my eggs and get the perfect shape for the english muffin. If you don’t have one of these just fry your egg(s) regularly. I like to serve mine over easy, (runny but flipped once). But you can cook your egg however you like. Sunny side up, over hard, you can even do hard boiled if you like!

Once your egg is close to being ready, toast the english muffin and shred your cheese of choice while waiting.

As soon as the english muffin is done, spread the cheese over one half so that it melts. Then put the egg on top, more shredded cheese, bacon slices and top it off with the other half of the english muffin.

This is a breakfast sandwich in its simplest form but what I love about this classic is that it can be dressed up in so many different ways. You can pop on some tomatoes and avocado. Try it with brie for a more gourmet take. Or try swapping out the bacon for peameal or even turkey bacon! The options are endless.

Let me know your favourite toppings on the classic breaky sammy in the comments below and stay tuned for my next breakfast series post.

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