About Megs

I’m Meg, welcome to My Cucina. My love for food started at a very young age, I was in the kitchen cooking when I was around seven and I haven’t stopped since! I even have footage of me putting on a ‘cooking show’ explaining how to make Mac and Cheese. 

The inspiration behind Meg’s Cucina stems from my fascination of the simplicity of Italian cuisine. I grew up with Italian friends and always LOVED having ‘nonna’s’ homemade tomato sauce with pasta. My goal early on was to nail the perfect homemade tomato sauce (which I like to think I officially have!) I also love how the Italian culture, like many others, focuses on bringing people together through food and there is nothing that makes me happier than doing just that. 

So, I started Meg’s Cucina to share the happiness I get from food with the online world. I focus on sharing approachable recipes from a variety of different categories, the most important thing being that it brings you happiness.




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