7 Summer Favorite Recipes

7 Summer Favorite Recipes

Although the weather has been strange with this on and off again rain, there has been spurts of sunshine which means summer AND grill season is upon us! There is nothing I love more than enjoying good cuisine outside in the sunshine. And because just the thought of it puts me in such a great mood I am going to share my favorite summer recipes with you!

1. Antipasto skewers

megs cucina antipasto skewers

If you are like me you want to spend as much time as you can outside in the summer instead of being cooped up in the kitchen. So easy recipes are a must which is why I love these antipasto skewers. Simple ingredient list that you can easily mix up, easy to make but looks super impressive when served. Add in some homemade pesto for dipping and you are good to go!

2. Shishito Peppers on the grill

megscucina shishito peppers

I recently discovered my love for shishito peppers – they are the perfect summer side or appetizer. They require only a little bit of time on the grill and then you toss them in olive oil & course sea salt. Definitely a no brainer! If you are grilling up meat or fish you can put these on the BBQ first and then snack on them while you are cooking the mains. Get the recipe here.

3. Spaghetti squash 

megs cucina spaghetti squash pea pesto

I love how refreshing this dish is in the summer especially tossed in my homemade pea pesto. The color is beautiful for this time of the year & it won’t leave you feeling heavy for all those summer activities. Get inspired by my favorite spaghetti squash recipes here.

4. Bean medley salad


This salad is definitely a summer go to for me. Like the antipasto skewers it is soooo easy to make for a quick summer lunch or dinner. Plus you can mix up the ingredients in the salad, I love adding sweet potato, greens or cilantro. Learn how to make it here.

5. Twice baked sweet potatoes 

megs cucina twice baked sweet potatoes

The perfect side for your summer protein on the grill. You can opt for the traditional baked potato but sweet potato adds that extra kick & I love the flavor combo with black beans & avocado. Here’s how to make them.

6. Lemon white bean, Broccolini pasta

lemon, white bean & broccolini pasta

I couldn’t have a summer recipe list without pasta! The zest and juice of the lemon adds a delightfully refreshing zing to this pasta. Serve it as a main or a warm side dish. Get the recipe for this refreshing pasta here.

7. Dark chocolate peanut butter cups

megs cucina reece's peanut butter cups

What’s summer without a little treat. I keep a batch of these cups in my freezer for those sweet cravings. Made with natural peanut butter & dark chocolate you don’t have to feel to guilt about popping a few of these into your mouth. Need I say more, get the recipe here.

What are your favorite summer recipes! Let me know as you enjoy them this season.