3 Recipes to Try for Toast Tuesday

3 Recipes to Try for Toast Tuesday


This weekend I had the pleasure of collaborating with my talented, toast loving friend Nick Joly of Inspired By Nick. We are both huge fans of #ToastTuesday and love experimenting with new ingredients to top our toast with. If your new to this tasty trend then you are in good hands. We came up with not one, not two, BUT THREE super tasty toast recipes for you to try.

One brings me back to my childhood, one that I think will be perfect this holiday season and one on the healthier side (to keep things balanced this holiday season!)

Get a taste of our creations below and stay tuned over the next few Tuesdays as we share the recipes for our delicious creations.

The one that takes me back to childhood: Crunchy Banana Nut

This is the grown up version of peanut butter and bananas on toast. And if hearing that combination doesn’t make your mouth drool, I don’t know what will!

megs cucina toast tuesday

Perfect for the holidays: Hazelnut, Apple Swirl

This toasty creation goes out to all of the Nutella lovers out there! We decided to combine the Nutella with apples – who woulda thunk, apples on toast?! They add the perfect crunch, and I mean really what doesn’t taste good with Nutella? I think this would make the perfect Christmas morning breakfast, yes I am already thinking that far in advance! But once you see the recipe you probably won’t be able to wait that long!

megs cucina toast tuesday

And last but not least, the healthier one: Avocado & Grape Tomato Harvest

The perfect way to get your green on and as I mentioned, keep things on the lighter side with all the upcoming holiday treats!

megs cucina toast tuesday

All three toast recipes are so easy to make yet super tasty. I can’t wait to share them all with you so that you can step up your Toast Tuesday game.

Stay tuned as I share them over the next few Tuesdays 🙂


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