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megscucina mushroom cacio e pepe

Mushroom Cacio e Pepe

BBQing is definitely one of my favorite ways of cooking in the summer BUT I can always make an exception for a hearty plate of pasta. Especially on these rainy days we keep having. On a recent rainy evening I was craving pasta but couldn’t decide between recreating the Cacio e Pepe I learned during my recent cooking class with a chef from Rome or something fresh and summery. What do I do when I can’t make a decision? Make two kinds of pasta of course. And thank goodness because they were both DELICIOUS. First up grab the recipe for Mushroom Cacio e Pepe.

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megs cucina bean medley salad

7 Summer Favorite Recipes

Although the weather has been strange with this on and off again rain, there has been spurts of sunshine which means summer AND grill season is upon us! There is nothing I love more than enjoying good cuisine outside in the sunshine. And because just the thought of it puts me in such a great mood I am going to share my favorite summer recipes with you!

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Lemon, white bean & broccolini pasta

lemon, white bean & broccolini pasta

For some reason, every winter the cold weather never ceases to surprise me. And January so far has been no exception. All I crave on these cold winter nights are warm comforting dishes. I recently discovered this recipe thanks to Women’s Health Magazine and it definitely does the trick for cold winter nights! The best part is it takes less than 20 minutes to make AND only requires one pot (I love my one pot recipes!). Find out how to make this deliciously, unexpected combo below!

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Vegan Cashew Cream Pasta

cashew cream pasta sauce

If you try any of my recipes this has to be one of them!! I could not believe how yummy this cashew cream pasta turned out to be. It was inspired by three things. 1) My love for pasta of course! 2) the vegan cooking class I took in the summer hosted by Loblaws and Yam Chops 3) a recent event I attended with Inspired By Nick featuring 2017 food trends (also hosted by Loblaws!). So how did these three things turn in my cashew cream pasta?

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One Pot Pasta

one pot pasta recipe

I recently saw a quote that said ‘cook like you don’t have to clean’ which describes my style in the kitchen perfectly. I don’t know why but I always end up using what seems like every pot, pan, plate, spoon, fork, spatula and whatever else I can get my hands on! I’m sure my sister can attest to this too, we live together and since she gets to be my taste tester – her end of the deal is dishes. (Hey at least she gets the benefit of good food!!).

I knew when I discovered this one pot pasta recipe – she would be a huge fan (only one dish to clean and sooooo delicious!). So if you aren’t a fan of dish duty this Chicken Basil Rigatoni recipe is for you!

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