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megs cucina pineapple stuffed cauliflower rice

Pineapple Stuffed with Cauliflower Fried Rice

megs cucina pineapple stuffed cauliflower rice

This pineapple stuffed with cauliflower chicken fried rice was a huge hit on my Instagram so I figured I had to get it on the blog for you ASAP. I’ve made ‘chicken fried’ cauliflower rice before, but this time I added a couple of new ingredients AND of course used pineapple as the bowl, because why not?!

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Winter comfort food, how to make chili

megs cucina how to make chili

When the snow falls it is officially time to make chili, and while we’ve had a beautiful November so far, this week we got a taste of winter. And when that happens I crave warm, hearty dishes and Chili is at the top of my list. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods for cold weather and is packed with protein. I also LOVE adding a ton of mushrooms, one because they are my favorite and I try to add them to just about everything. And two they add a great texture.

I suggest making a big batch for the week and then freezing leftovers for lazy dinner nights. It’s a pretty easy recipe to make, just requires throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot and some time to simmer. I find the flavor is even better the next day. Find out how to make it below!

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