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megscucina summer grill list

Summer Grill List

Is there anything better than a BBQ on a summer night. I don’t think so! I’ve been doing lots of grilling lately and not just the classics (steak, burgers, sausage). I’ve been going outside the proverbial BBQ box to try out new recipes. Let me know what you think!

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megscucina avocado pesto pasta

Avocado Pesto Fusilli

When you can’t decide between two kinds of pasta you make both right?! Okay maybe only crazy pasta lovers like me. I just shared the recipe for my Mushroom Cacio e Pepe here, now it is time for a summery spin on fusilli. Who knew that you could make pesto using avocado as the base! It makes for a beautiful green color + super healthy sauce. I also added roasted garlic tomatoes for a burst of flavor and mini bocconcini balls because let’s face it, you can never go wrong with bocconcini. Here’s how to make the delicious concoction.

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megscucina mushroom cacio e pepe

Mushroom Cacio e Pepe

BBQing is definitely one of my favorite ways of cooking in the summer BUT I can always make an exception for a hearty plate of pasta. Especially on these rainy days we keep having. On a recent rainy evening I was craving pasta but couldn’t decide between recreating the Cacio e Pepe I learned during my recent cooking class with a chef from Rome or something fresh and summery. What do I do when I can’t make a decision? Make two kinds of pasta of course. And thank goodness because they were both DELICIOUS. First up grab the recipe for Mushroom Cacio e Pepe.

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megs cucina mango salsa

Homemade Mango Salsa

Not sure how I only recently found out how much I love mangoes but DAMN better later than never! I recently was home to visit my parents and my mom was snacking on the most delicious combo – freshly chopped mango & crushed almonds. So easy but so delicious and a healthy snack might I add. This has become one of my go to snacks (thanks mom!) and my other is mango salsa. It absolutely screams summer: bright colors, zesty lime juice and refreshing fruit. YUM YUM YUM. Scroll down to get the recipe! You’ll be making it in no time.

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megs cucina classic roman dishes

My Cooking Class With a Chef from Rome

I recently had the most amazing experience learning how to make traditional Italian recipes from a chef in Rome. The best part? It didn’t require any travel -although I wouldn’t mind a trip to Italy ;). So how did this happen? Thanks to the beautiful world of technology & a wonderful company called The Chef and the Dish, we were able to Skype Chef Daniela into our kitchen.

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