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Homemade Fresh Rolls

homemade fresh rolls

Fresh rolls are one of my go-to dinners. And are always something I order at some of my fave Thai Restaurants in Toronto like Khao San Road, Sabai Sabai & Sukhothai. While they do a fabulous job at making them, you can replicate the flavours at home!

I absolutely love making them all year round because you can always mix up the ingredients that go inside. They are the perfect light, refreshing dinner and make for great leftovers too. Plus, just like tacos, who doesn’t love a little DIY dinner! Perfect for an entertaining fam dinner or girls night!

Find out how to make these yummy rolls below

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Why Try Vegan?

why try vegan

I’ve always thought that having a Vegan diet would be impossible. Growing up, meat was always a huge part of my everyday meals. And up until last week I really thought Vegans were limited to boring old salads. BUT little did I know with some spunk, creativity and a whole lot of fresh (local) produce – Vegan is something I could try! Likely not full time but I think I could pull off some #MeatlessMondays that I always see on social media.

I recently had the chance to make some Vegan recipes at a cooking class – below I share my recipes + an AWESOME GIVEAWAY just for you!

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Shrimp Dinner Recipe: Shrimp over peppers, tomatoes & onions

shrimp dinner recipe

Shrimp is definitely at the top of my ‘favourite seafood to cook’ list! It is so versatile and can be incorporated into dishes throughout the whole year. This recipe in particular can be done on the BBQ in the summer or oven in the winter (or if you don’t have access to a bbq – oven all year long). It’s a really easy shrimp dinner recipe full of flavour and bright colours. I will warn you the prep time of the veggies is a little bit longer so I recommend this for a Friday night or weeknight when things aren’t super crazy. Get the recipe below!

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Healthy Lunch Bowl Part II ft. Ground Turkey


Tastes so nice I made it twice! Check out my first healthy lunch bowl post using my Asian Sesame Salmon recipe here. For those who aren’t a big fan of fish I came up with a different option for you. This one packs in double the protein with ground turkey AND an egg.

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Healthy Lunch Bowls

healthy lunch bowls

Who said lunch has to be a boring old salad or sandwich (certainly not me). Those who know me, know that food is always on my mind. I am always thinking about my next meal or my next next meal! So even though I’m at work for 5/7 lunches during the week doesn’t mean I am going to let it be a bore.

May I present, my super awesome, healthy AND flavourful – lunch bowls. Which are also perfectly suitable for dinner. What’s great about these healthy lunch bowls is that you can really throw whatever ingredients you want in them (great way to empty the fridge). I have two versions of this tasty lunch bowl, check out my first one below!

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