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Better Breakfast Series: Easy Shakshuka Recipe

easy shashuka recipe
So excited to share this Shakshuka recipe with you! We are already halfway through September which means we’re already 4 recipes into my better breakfast series inspired by Women’s Health Magazine! In case you missed any of my previous creations here are the last four recipes from this series:

In my last post I shared that my recent breakfast creations are not only great in the morning but also for lunch or dinner! Last week was breakfast quesadillas and NOW I present to you delicious Shakshuka which is essentially eggs cooked in tomato sauce!

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Better Breakfast Series: Breakfast Quesadillas

img_1100Another breakfast recipe coming in hot! If you missed out on the other posts in this series inspired by Women’s Health Magazine you can check them out here:

This week I’m thinking outside the (breakfast box) to bring you some not so traditional breakfast recipes. What I love about both is that while you can certainly make them in the morning you can also easily enjoy them for lunch or even dinner.

First I’m sharing my recipe for breakfast quesadillas (yes that’s a thing!).

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Better Breakfast Series: Avocado & Eggs

womens health better breakfast

This is the third recipe in my Better Breakfast series (get my other recipes in series at the bottom) inspired by the one and only Women’s Health Magazine September food challenge. This week is all about avocado and eggs! When I went to share the recipe pictured above I realized I combine avocado and eggs A LOT for breaky – they just go together so well flavour wise plus you get a healthy source of fat & protein.

This week I’m sharing not one, but two better breakfasts featuring avocado & eggs.

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Better Breakfast Series: 3 Ingredient Pancakes

womens health better breakfast

This is my second recipe of my better breakfast series inspired by Women’s Health magazine! You can catch up on the first one here if you missed it. But for now onto breaky #2.

Who doesn’t love a pancake breakfast ?! But sometimes they can be super indulgent and you don’t feel like doing a whole lot after! Lucky for you this recipe is gluten-free,  only has 3 ingredients and won’t leave you feeling sluggish! I love making them on a Sunday morning OR making them during the week at night and toasting them in the morning before work. Best part is you can top them with whatever fresh fruit you have on hand and I highly recommend some kind of nut butter – almond and cashew butter are my fave!

Find out how to make my 3 ingredient pancakes below!

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Better Breakfast Series

better breakfastIf you read my first blog you would know that breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day. I think it is something I inherited from my dad. There is nothing he loves more than a traditional English breaky (especially if it is made by me!). I’m not sure when my love affair with breakfast began but regardless I love it!

There’s just something that’s so satisfying about having a great breakfast. It certainly sets the tone for the rest of my day. Call me crazy but I seriously go to bed thinking of what I’ll wake up to eat the next day! Anyways, they always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I can’t be that crazy 😉

When I saw Women’s Health #betterbreakfast theme for the month of September I was inspired to share with you some of my favourite breakfasts!

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