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What to Serve with Seriously Cool Wine?

megs cucina cilantro hummus

It’s a serious question! I recently had the chance to taste some wonderful VQA wines at a friendsgiving event held at Antler in Toronto. One of my favorites from the evening was a brand of wine called Seriously Cool by Southbrook Vineyards. Not only does it have a fun, vibrant label but the wine is great too. So naturally I had to see what I could whip up in my kitchen to go with it!

Red wine is definitely my go to, especially in the fall. There is nothing I love more then cozying up with a nice glass of wine and a spread of appetizers to snack on. And this Seriously Cool Red definitely made the cut! Find out my favorite things to include in a ‘wine night’ spread including how to make cilantro hummus!

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Fall Inspired Appetizer: Avocado & Shrimp Sweet Potato Bites

shrimp avocado sweet potato bites

To me, fall is such a cozy season. The weather starts to get colder so staying in for dinner parties is something I gravitate towards! I think Thanksgiving really kicks off the season off the season of fall and if you saw my post for the holiday you got a taste of my No Brainer Cheese Ball Appetizer recipe. This got me thinking about other appys I love to make that are perfect for the season.  May I present to you.. avocado, shrimp sweet potato bites. The bright colours perfectly reflect the fall season and while the ingredients are an unexpected combination – they definitely deliver in flavour.

Looking for a fall-inspired recipe? Get the Avocado & Shrimp Sweet Potato Bites recipe below.

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Homemade Fresh Rolls

homemade fresh rolls

Fresh rolls are one of my go-to dinners. And are always something I order at some of my fave Thai Restaurants in Toronto like Khao San Road, Sabai Sabai & Sukhothai. While they do a fabulous job at making them, you can replicate the flavours at home!

I absolutely love making them all year round because you can always mix up the ingredients that go inside. They are the perfect light, refreshing dinner and make for great leftovers too. Plus, just like tacos, who doesn’t love a little DIY dinner! Perfect for an entertaining fam dinner or girls night!

Find out how to make these yummy rolls below

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Why Try Vegan?

why try vegan

I’ve always thought that having a Vegan diet would be impossible. Growing up, meat was always a huge part of my everyday meals. And up until last week I really thought Vegans were limited to boring old salads. BUT little did I know with some spunk, creativity and a whole lot of fresh (local) produce – Vegan is something I could try! Likely not full time but I think I could pull off some #MeatlessMondays that I always see on social media.

I recently had the chance to make some Vegan recipes at a cooking class – below I share my recipes + an AWESOME GIVEAWAY just for you!

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Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

prosciutto wrapped asparagus

If you are looking for an easy summer appetizer or side dish this is definitely it! And the best news is that it is super easy to make. The saltiness of the prosciutto gives this veg an awesome flavour kick. Whether you are grilling up some steaks, burgers, fish or just having some appetizers with wine – this is a great EASY addition.

Here’s what you need to make these tasty wrap ups!

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