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megs cucina buffalo tofu bites

Buffalo Tofu Bites with Tzatziki

megs cucina buffalo tofu bites

Let’s get real. I could never deny anything coated in buffalo sauce! So when I came across these buffalo tofu bites I had to give them a try. While I do eat meat I am always open to trying new ways to get in some protein. It is always great to options in my opinion. It took me a while to try out a tofu recipe but I have no regrets – especially with these buffalo tofu bites!! Give them a try I think even the tofu nay-sayers wouldn’t say no!

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megs cucina mango salsa

Homemade Mango Salsa

Not sure how I only recently found out how much I love mangoes but DAMN better later than never! I recently was home to visit my parents and my mom was snacking on the most delicious combo – freshly chopped mango & crushed almonds. So easy but so delicious and a healthy snack might I add. This has become one of my go to snacks (thanks mom!) and my other is mango salsa. It absolutely screams summer: bright colors, zesty lime juice and refreshing fruit. YUM YUM YUM. Scroll down to get the recipe! You’ll be making it in no time.

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megs cucina antipasto skewers

Easy Antipasto Skewers

I first introduced you to mini versions of these delightful antipasto skewers around the holidays. Now they are making an appearance again for the summer! I recommend this easy appetizer for any kind of gathering you are hosting or attending this summer. Whether it is a family BBQ, weekend getaway at a cottage, picnic with friends or patio gathering, these will quickly become your go to. The long shish kabob stick makes them easy to eat for group gatherings – no one likes awkwardly balancing their cold beer, food & napkin. Find out what you need to make these tasty morsels below.

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Baked Chicken (or Veggie) Spring Rolls

megs cucina baked spring rolls

Spring rolls are my go to whenever I am ordering Chinese food. I love those crispy little morsels! But whenever I thought about making them at home I didn’t have a deep fryer nor did I want to waste a ton of oil in a makeshift deep fryer. Luckily I did some research and learned that baked spring rolls are indeed a possibility. And holy heck they might just be the tastiest thing I’ve made since starting this blog (or at least top 10!). I tried this recipe for the first time this past weekend for a gals trip up North. Let’s just say it was certainly not my last time making them! Find the super easy and flavorful recipe below.

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Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

megs cucina twice baked sweet potatoes

Who doesn’t love a twice baked potato?! While they are super delicious and go really well with a grilled steak I might add, the ingredients can be a little heavy. And I personally don’t do well with a ton of lactose. SO I came up with a simple recipe that uses lighter ingredients to make this fan favorite a bit healthier. And I am posting it right on time for the Super Bowl.

Looking for an easy recipe for your Super Bowl party? Look no further.

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